Changing Lives 

By Building Careers

How Do We Empower?


Our students are promptly paired with a hospitality professional to serve as a mentor to help round out their training.


Our comprehensive Leadership Program provides students with the  tools they need to not find a job but to find and keep a rewarding career.


Our graduates are provided extensive support to help them gain employment to help them launch the process for a career development opportunity through our partnership with local hotel and restaurants

Empowering the 1,646,300 people in the Los Angeles County that deserve the opportunity to rise out of poverty 

Why Do We Help?


Number of people living in

poverty in Los Angeles County


People in Los Angeles County that ONLY go to High School 


Expected per year earnings needed to live in Los Angeles County


Is the expected per year earnings of someone with only a HS Diploma


Is the annual wage gap we are trying to solve!

Proud Sponsors of the 2019 Leadership Program

Proud Sponsors of the 2019 Leadership Training Program