We are seeking individuals with a passion for hospitality, to serve as mentors, providing their time, insights and guidance to help others grow in their careers and life. Become a mentor for one of our students, helping to guide them through their educational and professional journey in the hospitality industry.



Edward learned about the mentorship opportunity with 2 Hands 2 Employ through a co-worker who was involved with the organization. Having worked a wonderful 25 years in renowned restaurants, and 5-star hotels, Edward credits his success to the hospitality industry. “I know how rewarding a job in the hospitality industry can be and how you can create a successful career without having an education or years of experience. I wanted to help others get their foot in the door and have a great opportunity just like me.


“Our mentors develop deep and meaningful connections with our students because they, too, have overcome relatable challenges. They are open-minded, curious, friendly, and authentic. They understand that every experience in life provides genuine learning moments and create an environment of safety, trust, and optimism. Our mentors truly know that everyone we meet is our teacher and student and, thus, learn so much from their mentees also.”

-Edward Vicedo


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2 Hands 2 Employ is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization (EIN 46-4579465) All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.