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My Story: Johnnie Rosas

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Before meeting Chris and being introduced to 2 Hands 2 Employ, I was a mortgage underwriter working in the banking and finance industry for over 20 years. Being affected by the mortgage industry crash, I lost my job/career. I found myself competing with many out of work mortgage industry professional, bouncing from hourly job to hourly job. Depression and anxiety kicked in. My unemployment income support ran out. I turned to drugs and alcohol. I lost my home of over 14 years. I entered into The Los Angeles Dream Center Discipleship, a 2 year faith based recovery program, this is where I met Chris. I was recovering from traumatic events in my life.

Chris and 2 Hands 2 Employ embraced me, encouraged me, helped me see hope and walked with me. This was a big beautiful new relationship for me. I was asked what I wanted, what I liked and where do I see myself in the future. From one of many contacts, Chris set up an interview at a beautiful ocean front property in Santa Monica. I interviewed for a security officer position. The HR and security director were both very supporting and encouraging. The HR director asked if I liked the position, I told her I could do the job, but would prefer a front desk position. She then simply turned to her computer and said let's see what we have. This was a first for me. I was excited that a HR Director listened to me, heard me out and tried to find a match. I was so used to the cut throat mortgage industry, if it's not a match we are done mentality.

There was a front desk position opening at a different property of the hotel. This hotel has three properties. I moved forward with the front desk position, and was hired. 2 Hands 2 Employ supported me from the beginning from monetary assistance for transportation to and from work, hospitality training, from the best of the best and encouraging support. There were hotel General managers, food and beverage directors, housekeeping directors and many other hospitality industry professionals who spoke into me, via 2 Hands 2 Employ trainings.

I was hired as a part time position. This position turned full time. I was asked to train others, sent to additional hospitality training and was encouraged to apply for supervisory positions.

Nonetheless, because of 2 Hands 2 Employ I have found hope and meaning in my life again. I now get to encourage and mentor program applicants.

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