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Ways To Get
Become a Mentor
Help change lives with your time

Help 2 Hands 2 Employ shape lives.


Become a mentor for one of our students, helping to guide them through their educational and professional journey in the hospitality industry.

Become a Sponsor
Help change lives by sharing your resources

Interested in being a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you will be helping our organization by donating your resources to our cause. This can be a monetary gift, but also could be a gift of space in your hotel, food for our course, or anything else your organization might be able to offer.

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Community Members
Become a Partner
Help change lives by bringing us candidates

Interested in becoming a partner?

Partner organization are groups that have access to candidates four our program. We partner with Foster youth homes, rehab centers, veterans organization, and so many more. If you are looking for a like-minded organization to partner with 2 Hands 2 Employ may be the right fit.  

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